I wrote these songs during nine days in April 2016. My solo stuff has become a bit of a side kick to my new duo the Black Horses with fellow Canberran Jenny Spear. Just love recording and tinkering in my cave. So here goes.. credits released May 29, 2016 Andre Camilleri- vocals guitars, drums Clark Fisher - bass Niall Howe - keys

released March 4, 2016 Andre Camilleri - vocals, guitars, drums Clark Fisher - bass David Butler - electric guitar (1, 6) Mark Nunis - keys (1, 3, 8,10) ALL SONGS WRITTEN BY ANDRE CAMILLERI

25 favourite recordings from my Australian back catalogue. Sounds like the tunes have aged pretty well. I am forever grateful for all the incredible players I have had the privilege to play with and I take my hat off to you all. Now I better let the songs do the talking. I have another album to write.. Enjoy the tunes! Peace & love, A credits released December 1, 2015