released June 1, 2017, 

All songs written by Andre Camilleri
Andre Camilleri: vocals, guitars, harmonica, percussion
Clark Fisher: bass 

Mastering by David Pendragon @ the Studio

I recently wrote this bunch of hardboiled songs so I thought I'd make a fine little record for your listening pleasure.

Big thanks to Niall and Clark for their sonic contributions.
I trust you'll love this!

released October 29, 2015

Andre Camilleri - vocals, guitars, harmonica, percussion.
Clark Fisher - bass
Niall Howe - keys

"This is an album I've always wanted to record with a late night cocktail bar jazz feel applied to versions of some earlier songs and favourites I've written over the years."

Released November 2011

Andre Camilleri - vocals, acoustic guitar
Tom McGlinn - electric guitar
Mark Nunis - piano
Maurie Del Citto - drums
Clark Fisher - bass
Alan Brooker - double bass
Sandra Gudze - clarinet
Rob Blackwell - saxophone
Leo Dellafiore - trumpet

released May 19, 2017

All songs written by Andre Camilleri
Cover photograph by Lucinda Camilleri
Andre Camilleri: vocals, guitars, percussion
James Newhouse: double bass
Bridget Croft: vocals
Niall Howe - keys
David Butler: electric guitar
Tony Dean: harmonica
Michael Kingsland: trumpet

It's been a while between drinks, but I finally got a new band going here in my sleepy new hometown. Although we set out to make a Folk album I long for the silence leans towards Country Rock. Funny that.
We hope you like it as much as we did making it for you..

released 01 May 2015

Andre Camilleri - vocals, acoustic guitar
Cheree Martin - vocals
Dave Hughes - guitars
Niall Howe - keys
Clark Fisher - bass
Tim Godwin - drums

"A country roots album that also explores calypso rhythms on "Sally & I" and is propelled by the stellar guitar work of Charlie Vandenbelt who is now a regular on the Nashville club scene."

Released February 2011

Andre Camilleri vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica;Bree Barclay vocals; Charles Vandenbelt lead guitar; Alan Brooker bass; Maurie Del Citto drums; Mark Nunis keys; Patrick O'Brien mandolin; Brendan Mitchell pedal steel; Mark Di Marzio guitar;Rhonda & Ivana Rebelle backing vocals;Mark Thomas pedal steel on 'Easy Money'

I spend ages recording this one. Even learned how to program beats. Tinkered around for about 6 months, which is insane, given I probably wrote the songs in a couple of weeks.

I have Clark Fisher on bass and Mark Nunis on keys and they are just brilliant, brilliant guys. And they can play. Have a listen. Turn it up loud in your cans!!! credits

released February 21, 2017

All songs written by Andre Camilleri

Andre Camilleri - vocals, guitars, beats, percussion Clark Fisher - bass Mark Nunis - keys

My 13th studio album 'Joker in the pack' is an exuberant cocktail of Reggae, Ska, Cajun, Country and everything in between; mostly acoustic, good vibe sounds perfect for chilling out. I hope you like it as much I did writing and recording it!
Very special thanks to the Two Tone Titans, who took my ideas and ran with it them long and hard, Craig Lamberth for technical support, Maurie del Citto for the Album track order and everybody else who helped getting it off the ground.
released 12 December 2014


Watch 'Joker in the Pack' music video:

"As well as soul and country, other genres are explored in this eclectic album with I Go See What I'm Gonna find one my favourite songs."

Released August 2010

Andre Camilleri vocals, acoustic guitar;
Bree Barclay vocals;
Mark Di Marzio lead guitar;
Patrick O'Brien Rickenbacker 12 string guitar;
Clark Fisher bass;
Peter Waltham keys;
Maurie Del Citto drums

released September 10, 2016

The Ragged Janes are:
Andre Camilleri - vocals, guitars, percussion, harmonica
Niall Howe - keys
Konrad Lenz - vocals, guitar
Stefanie Pidcock: fiddle, vocals
John Taylor: banjo
Clark Fisher - bass
Tom Woodward - vocals, guitar

Music by Andre Camilleri
Produced and recorded by Andre Camilleri.
Mixed by Andre Camilleri and Niall Howe.
Artwork by the Web Dudes
Research by Konrad Lenz and Andre Camilleri
Album title by Konrad Lenz

'Punch Drunk', Andre Camilleri's 12th studio album is a powerful and dark musical journey in to the world of good Country music. From the Gram Parsons' inspired 'Free at last' to the Johnny Cash/Glenn Danzig feel of 'Not as smart as you thought you was' Andre once again shows great depth and playful versatility in his songwriting and delivery.

released 12 March 2014

Andre Camilleri - vocals, guitars, harmonica
Mark Nunis - piano
Clark Fisher - bass
Alex Yoon - drums
David Butler - guitar on 'There's no plan B for being you'
Jessica Hooper - vocals on 'can't fight this feeling'
Mark Thorburn - guitar on ' Not as smart as you thought you was'

Watch 'The Dream' music video:

"This bitter-sweet album takes a different direction musically with the hip hop beat of Big Ol' Train and the laid back soul RnB groove of the title track SSTMB."

Released April 2010

Andre Camilleri vocals, acoustic guitar, harp
Mark Di Marzio - electric guitar, resonator guitar
Clark Fisher - bass
Mark Nunis - keys
David Upton - drums

Cover painting by Mirjana Pedantic

I wrote these songs during nine days in April 2016. My solo stuff has become a bit of a side kick to my new duo the Black Horses with fellow Canberran Jenny Spear. Just love recording and tinkering in my cave. So here goes.. credits released May 29, 2016 Andre Camilleri- vocals guitars, drums Clark Fisher - bass Niall Howe - keys

"For this album I have teamed up with my long time musical friend Mark Nunis to record a quiet album with nothing more but Mark's piano and my vocals to explore a number of new styles and themes. Naturally, I have included some middle of the road Country-Blues as well.." 

released 15 October 2013

Andre Camilleri - vocals, harmonica on 'Out of time' 
Mark Nunis - piano 

All songs written by Andre Camilleri. 
Recorded in August/September 2013 in Melbourne and Canberra. 
Mixed and mastered by Andre in Canberra in October 2013

"At least a handful of my best songs written to date are on this record and Mick O'Connor's Hammond means business."   

Released September 2008

Andre Camilleri: Vocals, Acoustic guitar
Maurie Del Citto: Drums
Chris Birnie: Bass
James Stewart: Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brendan Mitchell: Pedal steel
Mick O'Connor: Hammond, piano

released March 4, 2016 Andre Camilleri - vocals, guitars, drums Clark Fisher - bass David Butler - electric guitar (1, 6) Mark Nunis - keys (1, 3, 8,10) ALL SONGS WRITTEN BY ANDRE CAMILLERI

"I went back to a more traditional Country sound on this album. Hence the 70's inspired album cover. Some hot session players and the usual misfits here, but check it out for yourself." 

released 01 May 2013

Andre Camilleri: vocals, acoustic guitar
Tom McGlinn: electric guitar
Clark Fisher: bass
Des Hefner: drums
Timothy J Fry: pedal steel
Mark Nunis: keys
Nick Ardlie: electric guitar (kind of love that can kill, what am I doing here)
Tim Palmer: electric guitar (castles in the sky)

All songs written by Andre Camilleri. Recorded & mixed by Andre in 2012/13.
Cover design by Andre Camilleri.
Special thanks to everyone who helped make and promote this CD.

Andre dedicates this record to the late John Dunton.

"No Relations is a more acoustic journey with mandolins, violins, acoustic guitars and accordion but contains some rockin country songs like King of Rock Roll and Last Night She Looked So Pretty."

Released August 2009

Andre Camilleri - acoustic guitar, vocals 
Clark Fisher - double bass 
Paul Thomas - guitar
Andrew Bonicci - Banjo
James Stewart - guitar
Elizabeth Taylor - Violin
Patrick O'Brien - mandolin
Mark Di Marzio mandolin, piano acordion

25 favourite recordings from my Australian back catalogue. Sounds like the tunes have aged pretty well. I am forever grateful for all the incredible players I have had the privilege to play with and I take my hat off to you all. Now I better let the songs do the talking. I have another album to write.. Enjoy the tunes! Peace & love, A credits released December 1, 2015

"On a trip to Malta in June/July 2012 I wrote a bunch of tunes. With the move to the nation's capital on the horizon it was time to say goodbye to Melbourne and get set to start over. Hence the title 'New Beginning'.

When it comes down to it, my time in Melbourne has been an amazing ride. I had the privilege of playing with some of Australia's best Twangers and for the first time I felt right at home on the other side of the world. 
At the time of writing 'New Beginning' I had no idea what to expect in the nation capital (other than to meet a lot of bureaucrats) and the songs reflect my state of mind/heavy heart. So far, so good.." 

Released November 2012

Andre Camilleri: vocals, guitar; Nick Ardlie: guitars; Rose Headley: vocals; Mark Nunis: keys; Dean James: banjo, Michael Kingsland: trumpet

"My first Australian album holds a special place in my heart and songs that are still played at gigs around Melbourne including Leaving on My Mind, Broken Heart and Sad Old Clown" recorded in true alt country and americana style with the Broken Hearts".

Released July 2007

Andre Camilleri: Vocals, guitar
Maurie Del Citto: Drums
Chris Birnie: Bass
James Stewart: Electric guitar, Backing Vocals
Brendan Mitchell: Peddle steel

I went back to Malta and wrote this album in the sweltering August heat. Not sure why, but 'the Rock' always gets me in the mood. The cover was shot in Valletta, my late grandmother Sunta's hometown.. Very special thanks to Niall Howe, Clark Fisher and Mark Nunis and every single one out there who listens to this.

Released November 24, 2015

Andre Camilleri (vocals, guitar, percussion)
Clark Fisher (bass)
Mark Nunis (organ, piano)
Niall Howe (accordion, piano on track 5 & 10)

All songs written in Malta by Andre Camilleri in 2015.

"Ghosthead is my second latest offering and a collection of hardboiled Blues and Rock tracks I wrote in the winter of 2011. It's my first collaborative work with Chris Dyson, who not only played lead guitar but produced and mixed the album as well".

Released February 2012

Andre Camilleri: Vocals, guitar
Maurie Del Citto: Drums
Clark Fisher: Bass
Chris Dyson: Electric Guitar